Two Bit Hack: Part 10

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Rise Of The Amazons

When you're busy watching others its easy not to realize that you're being watched by someone else. Sometimes, when you think no one is watching you, you do the right thing just because no one is watching you. And you hope that if you are being watched that you're being watched by the right people and for the right reasons.

Things were a bit foggy for the next few days after The Brain took his dive. Rain kept everyone inside and not much went on. I noticed several of the old clicks were beginning to reform and figured it wouldn't be long before the place became a zoo once again. Yeah, I know my story thus far is of a somewhat dysfunctional society but this was nothing compared to when I first got there. Nobody wanted to return to the highly structured and heavily guarded life we led before. But their actions were leading us straight towards just that. It was only a matter of time before the management cracked down and wiped out every vestige of Asylumland.

Irene and I were in the cafeteria having lunch when one of the older women, Janice, walked over to our table. "Mind if you and I talk," Janice said.

"No problem," I replied. "Take a seat."

"Alone," Janice added.

"Irene, honey," I whispered, "Why don't you take your lunch and see if that new girl Sabrina would like to have some company. She's all alone over there and she looks to me like the type that just might swing both ways."

"Really," Irene giggled. "You're okay with that?"

"Once in a while," I smiled. I'd already noticed Irene eyeballing her and knew she was dying to get to know her.. "Just don't go sneaking around behind my back or getting caught."

"I won't," Irene promised as she grabbed her tray and rushed across the room. You could almost see her having an orgasm at the thought of a new girlfriend.

"That was easy," Janice said.

"Girls like Irene are always easy," I replied. "All they want is to have a good time. Women like yourself are a bit harder."

"We are?" Janice asked. Of course she knew I was right.

"Of course you are," I replied, "you expect to actually get something out of the deal."

Janice was closer to my age. She worked out every day and wasn't in bad shape for the year model. We actually had a lot more in common than most of the people living in Asylumland but Janice and I never clicked on a sexual or romantic level so nothing ever came of it. Like myself she was locked away for life, a patient of Dr Stoner and like myself she was reasonably sane. I figured the only reason she was in here was because someone didn't want her out there.

The girls all looked up to Janice. She was a mother to the younger women and a sister to the older women. The went to her for advice on everything real and imagined so when she came to me wanting to talk I knew I had better listen. "The girls want me to run for president," Janice said.

"That sounds like a good idea," I said. "You've got the brains and considering how many women there are inside I've no doubt you'll win by a landslide."

"I don't doubt I'll win," Janice said. "My concern is you'll get rid of me just like you got ride of Thor and The Brain."

"What makes you think I had anything to do with all that?" I asked.

"Besides myself," she replied, "you're the only one smart enough and sane enough to work it all out."

"Thor and The Brain brought their problems on themselves," I said. "All I ever tried to do was protect innocent people from becoming their victims."

"They did create a lot of victims," Janice agreed. "If that's all you were trying to do then  maybe you're okay after all."

"That's all I ever wanted," I assured her.

"So you'll support me?"

"All the way."

"How 'bout if I make you vice president?" she asked.

"How 'bout you put me back in charge of the money instead," I countered. "Appoint the man you beat to be your vice president."

"Keep my friends close and my enemies closer," Janice smiled.

About that time Irene came bouncing back with her new friend. "Sabrina and I are going to take a walk," Irene asked, "is that okay?"

"You know where not to take her, right?"

"I know," Irene smiled.

"Then Sabrina, you and Irene go and have a good time."

"Yes Sir," Sabrina replied as Irene swept her away. "Nice to meet you Sir."

"You were right," Janice said, "they are easier. Now I finally know what older men see in younger women."

"Believe me, if I didn't feel somewhat responsible for Irene I wouldn't take care of her like I do."

"So you're like a father to her?"

"Sort of."

"A father that just happens to be sleeping with his daughter?" she complained.

"I didn't say it wasn't screwed up," I grumbled, "but if I don't take care of her and give her at least some of what she wants she'll take up with one of these snakes in here and he'll kill her."

"Well," Janice agreed, "considering that no one in this fucked up asylum is getting any real psychiatric care you just might be the best hope she's got."

"That's just sad," I complained.

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